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2022 Executives

Headshot - Katia Perin.png

Katia Perin


Hometown: Montreal, Québec

Program: MS, Sports Management

Career Ambition: Working in the international Sports business Scene

Headshot - Josh Janna.png

Josh Janna


Hometown: Montréal, Québec

Program: MS, Sport Management

Career Ambition: Working for a professional sport organization

Headshot - Caleb Gilligan.png

Caleb Gilligan


Hometown: Guelph

Program: Bachelor of Commerce (International Management)

Career Ambition: To work for an international sports organization

Daniel Lowry-Whitton.jpg

Daniel Lowry-Whitton

Director of Finance and Sponsorships

Hometown: Barrie, Ontario

Program: BCom, finance

Career Ambition: CFO of MLSE

Headshot - Aminah Bakhtair.png

Aminah Bakhtair

Director of Communications and Marketing 

Hometown: Mississauga, ON

Program: Hons. BSC Human Kinetics

Career Ambition: Physiotherapist

Headshot - Robert Parsons.png

Robert Parsons

Director of Internal Relations, Legacy and Sustainability

Hometown: New Market, ON

Program: Honours BSocSc Economics

Career ambition: MLB Front Office executive

Headshot - Mohamed Aboudlal.png

Mohamed Aboudlal

Director of External Relations

Hometown: Ottawa, ON

Program: BSC, Human Kinetics with an emphasis on Biophysical Science

Career Ambition: Sports Medicine

Headshot - Jaren Nathan.png

Jaren V. Nathan

Director of Events

Hometown: Markham, ON

Program: Bachelor of Commerce-Management

Career Ambition: Sports Business


Jennifer Santarossa

Director of Mentorship

Hometown: Bolton, ON

Program: Human Kinetics with an emphasis in Recreation & Sports Management

2022 Coordinators

Headshot - Trevor Spence.png

Trevor Spence

Finance & Sponsorship

Hometown: Apple Hill, ON

Program: Human Kinetics

Career Ambition: Exercise physiologist

Headshot - Rim Fawaz.png

Rim Fawaz


Hometown: Beirut, Lebanon

Program:  Human Kinetics with an emphasis in Recreation & Sports Management

Career Ambition: Sports Business

Headshot - Joseph Son.png

Joseph Son

Social Media

Hometown: New Market, ON

Program: Honours, of Commerce 

 Career Ambition: Advertisement

Headshot - Tom Wunderlich.png

Tom Wunderlich

Community Relations

Hometown: Newcastle, ON

Program: B. Soc Science and Management

Career Ambition: To work in the legal world of sports

Headshot - Ben Sellars.png

Ben Sellars

Speaker Relations & External Relations

Hometown: Courtice, Ontario

Program: Business, Management Specialization

Career Ambition: To work within a professional sports team

Headshot - Sine Musango.png


Internal Relations

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario

Program: Bsc. in Business with option in Finance

Career Ambition: Entrepeneurship in the Sports Industry or Investment banking


Haya Alshaer


Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario

Program: BCom, Accounting

Headshot - Keagan Cooper.png

 Keagan Cooper

Mentorship Program Coordinator

Hometown: Kingston, ON

Program: BSocSc, Political Science. Minor in Management

Career Ambition: Executive Manager in Entertainment Business

Headshot - Huzaifa Tahir.png

Huzaifa Tahir

Social and Professional Events

Hometown: Newmarket, Ontario

Program: BCom with an option in Business Technology Management

Career Ambition: Data Analysis

Headshot - Tyler Seguin.png

Tyler Seguin


Hometown: Casselman, ON

Program: MHK, Concentration in Sport Management

Career Ambition: Golf Industry, within the Event, Marketing & Sponsorship components

Headshot - Elizabeth Werner.png

Elizabeth Werner


Hometown: Casselman, ON

Program:  Human Kinetics 

Career Ambition: to work in the Sports Management Field

2022 General Members

Headshot - Grant Turner.png

Grant Turner

General Member

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Program: BS of Commerce-Management (Telfer)

Career Ambition: To work in a business that keeps me connected to the sporting world

Headshot - Nuri Kim.png

Nuri Kim

General Member

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Program: MHK, Sport Management

Career Ambition: Sport Event Management


Kevin Huang

General Member

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario

Program: BS, Human Kinetics & Biophysical Sciences


Adoni Vassilyadi

General Member

Hometown: Whitby, Ontario

Program: BS, Human Kinetics & Biophysical Sciences

Headshot - Nolan Brough.png

Nolan Brough

General Member

Hometown: Port Perry, ON

Program: Bcom in Accounting

Career Ambition: To work in finance or accounting of a professional sports team

Headshot - Mackenzie Craig.png

Mackenzie Craig

General Member

Hometown: Manotick, ON

Program: MS, Sports Management

Career Ambition: To work in sports

Headshot - Lily Worden.png

Lily Worden

General Member

Hometown:  Nanaimo, B.C

Program: MHK Sport Management

Career Ambition: Operations and Event Management

Headshot - Sean Nobari_edited_edited_edi

Sean Nobari

General Member

Hometown:  Oakville, ON

Program: Honours Bachelor of Health Science

Career Ambition: Healthcare Business Owner/Research about Schizophrenia

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