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As we’ve recently turned the calendar to 2022, we reflect on yet another year in sports filled with novelty, changes, and a sense of normalcy entering our stadiums once again. It presents us the opportunity to get Back in the Game and Embrace Change in the Sport Industry.

We’ve engaged in changing our mindset, our best practices, being flexible, adapting, all while navigating some of the most unusual situations our industry has ever seen. As sport continues to grow and evolve, the industry must do the same to meet the ever-changing needs of all its consumers and key stakeholders.

The content discussed and presented throughout this conference will mirror this same idea. Our keynotes and panelists will aid us in showcasing how sport has evolved and how we can continuously embrace that change presented in the last year. We will provide attendees with the opportunity to reflect on the components of sports that will help shape this industry for years to come.

Topics for reflection will include the Evolution of Technology and Innovation in Sport, Overcoming the Olympics' Pandemic Challenges, and Integrating Betting in the Sports Industry.

On Saturday March 26th we will have our Keynote Speaker and a Career Corner Workshop; While on Sunday we will have a networking session and we will announce the recipient for the uOSBC Scholarship. 


To be eligible for this award, applicants must meet the following criteria.
• Currently enrolled full time at the University of Ottawa
• Complete the online application form available
• Be present at the uOttawa Sport Management Conference & Closing Ceremony - March 27th from 9-2pm

Submission Materials & Requirements:
All applicants must include the following submission materials in their application.
• Online Application form
• Current résumé (CV)
• Cover letter
• Proof of full time enrolment 

Adjudication Criteria:
All materials will be adjudicated on the relevance of experience to sport business, clarity of communication, and ability to thoughtfully explain how the applicant’s education, school/professional experience, volunteering, and other activities play a role in their current/future goals and career plans. 

If you have any questions about the application process, please email  

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