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2019 Executive Committee

Andrea Johnson


Hometown: Kenora, Ontario

Program: MHK, Sport Management

Career Ambition: Advance diversity and inclusion in the Canadian sport industry, on the playing field and in the office 

Amanda Hope

Vice President

Hometown: Alexandria, Ontario

Program: MHK, Sport Management

Career Ambition: Planning, organizing, and executing sport events within a national sport organization or professional sports team 

Laura McKenzie

Chair of Events

Hometown: Chatsworth, Ontario

Program: MHK, Sport Management

Career Ambition: Lead effective and efficient event and operations management for a professional sport team

Olivier Huot

Chair of External and Community Relations

Hometown: Gatineau, Québec

Program: BSc, Human Kinetics

Career Ambition: Work for a national sport organization or professional team

Kelsey Fahie

Chair of Internal Relations

Hometown: Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia

Program: MHK, Sport Management

Career Ambition: Work for an organization to directly promote and design inclusive health and physical activity programming for youth and for marginalized populations

Lindsay Hummelbrunner

Chair of Finance and Sponsorship

Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario

Program: MHK, Sport Management

Career Ambition: Event management and logistics for the COC or CPC with the goal of preserving the legacy of the Olympic Games

Alex Oakes

Chair of Marketing and Communication

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario

Program: MHK, Sport Management

Career Ambition: Innovate marketing strategies to maximize fan experience with professional sports teams

2019 Members

Naeem Ahmed


Hometown: Doha, Qatar
Program: M.A in Sport Management

Career Ambition: To be a key member in the delivery of either the FIFA World Cup or the Olympics

Justine Gélinas


Hometown: Lac-Mégantic, Québec

Program: B.Sc, Human Kinetics

Career Ambition: Work in sport events management while advocating for gender equality in sports

Kate De Castro


Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Program: BComm, Management

Career Ambition: Lead in creating impactful content and experiences that inspire and bring people together through a shared passion for sport and sport culture

Maxine Gauthier


Hometown: Sudbury, Ontario

Program: MHK, Sport Management

Career Ambition: Make a difference in the world of dance to create a more inclusive environment for all

Devon Upton

External and Community Relations

Hometown: Haliburton, Ontario

Program: BComm, Management

Career Ambition: Become a sports agent with the responsibility to negotiate contracts, manage money, and acquire endorsement deals on behalf of professional athletes

Tanya Sesaikin

Internal Relations

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario

Program: BHK, French Immersion

Career Ambition: Work in the major sport events sector with a focus on the planning and execution of a variety of national events

Zachary Pilling

Internal Relations

Hometown: Montréal, Québec

Program: MHK, Sport Management

Career Ambition: Contribute to the planning and delivery of an international sporting event

Michael Grypma

Finance and Sponsorship

Hometown: Langley, British Columbia

Program: MHK, Sport Management

Career Ambition: Work in a professional or collegiate sport organization in a front office or administration role

Matthew Franczyk

Finance and Sponsorship

Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Program: MHK, Sport Management

Career Ambition: To pursue a sports operations position within a professional sport organization

Gabrielle Vu

Marketing and Communication

Hometown: Gatineau, Québec

Program: BHK, Social Sciences

Career Ambition: To assist NSOs or professional sports teams in connecting and engaging with their fan bases and the community

Pierre-Luc Lacelle

Marketing and Communication

Hometown: Hawkesbury, Ontario

Program: BHK, Social Sciences

Career Ambition: Successfully draw attention and captivate an audience for various uncommon sports at the international level


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