At last, a facelift for the uOSBC - A New Website!

The uOttawa Sports Business Club is proud to launch a redesign of our website,!

With a new committee taking the reigns in January 2016, one of our biggest mandates that we set forth was to re-design a seamless branding for the club. It all started a few months back with a re-vamp of our Facebook and Twitter platforms where we teased a consistent colour-way and graphics. Many months of work later, we have integrated that look into a fully functioning website and are excited to announce that our re-branding and website re-design is fully complete.

A few key elements of the brand new

You will still find the most important aspect of the old website directly integrated into the new design. The uOSBC blog is still a centrepiece of site and all of the blog posts from past committees remain integrated. Expect plenty more new blog posts now the site is back online!

Learn more about the hard working team behind the uOSBC by exploring the 2016 Club Commitee tab in in the About section. See what each committee member is responsible for and what kind of cool things keep them busy from day to day.

Another completely new section of the website is "The Yearbook" tab in the About section. This section pays homage to the founding members and all past uOSBC committees. Without their hard work the club would have ceased to exist and we have been proud to continue to grow it’s legacy.

Remain in the loop about our upcoming events and activities with our newly added events page. This section even features information about our past events. We recommend that you keep a close eye on this section as our line up of 2016-2017 events will shortly be revealed.

Lastly and most importantly, in a world that is becoming more and more of a mobile society, our entire website is also live in a fully mobile friendly format for anyone to get updates on the go!

Until then, we look forward to continuously providing students with great opportunities with the sports business world!

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