Sport Sponsorship’s Biggest Mrs.

The Opportunity - Women represent an extremely valuable segment of the sponsorship and marketing target market. Barletta, in her book Marketing To Women, (2003) found that women make 80-90% of brand purchasing decisions for the home, including decisions in unexpected areas like automotive, repair, technology, and home improvements. According to the Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study (2013) women are well represented as both sponsorship staff (over 50%) and property-side sponsorship volunteers (over 66%). Despite these facts, the Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study (2013) found that less than 7% of sponsors had women as a primary target market and that this represented only 17% of total sponsorship investments. On the whole, women are under-represented when it comes to marketing and sponsorship campaigns.

It Can Be Done! Women and Sport

Procter and Gamble has been a leader in marketing to women (as a primary target) through sport. Most notably, Procter and Gamble’s – Olympic Thank You Mom Campaign united their numerous brands and had immensely positive returns in brand equity and sales. It is estimated that the Thank You Mom campaign generated over $500 million in sales

( Most recently, Procter and Gamble’s Always brand #LikeAGirl Campaign (seen below), has tapped into the insecurities of women in physical activity. The campaign, which already has 20 million views in the first week, looks to break down the derogatory connotations behind the phrase _______ like a girl. What makes the campaign special is that it targets women of all ages and empowers them to be confident and active. Sponsorship of women and sport represents a unique opportunity for sponsors, as there exists many appropriate and sponsorable properties including athletes (Eugenie Bouchard, Christine Sinclair) and events (Shoppers Drug Mart Run For Women).

Women represent a large part of the overall target market that generally goes untapped. Procter and Gamble have been able to break through the clutter and resonate with the diverse female demographic and have been able to reap the rewards.

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