The uOttawa Sport Business Club is pleased to announce the main theme of the 4th annual uOttawa Sport Management Conference: Rising To The Top. The sport industry is one of the fastest growing and evolving industries that there is, and our mission for the uOSMC 2019 is to enlighten our audience with expert knowledge, with panels focused on the advancements of technology in sport, the growth and development of sport in Canada, the trending career paths in the industry, and much more. Attendees will also have the opportunity to network with panelists and peers throughout the conference in order to ask specific questions and to receive one-on-one advice.

Keynote Speaker:

Senator Marty Deacon, Senate of Canada

Panel One: Game Changers in the Sport Industry

Moderator: Connor Primeau

In sport organizations today, we see many strategies implemented with a goal of adapting to current trends/issues. For example, we have seen an increase in the awareness of diversity and inclusion, professional sports moving towards the selling a social experience and sport organizations developing new initiatives to continue the growth of their sport. In this panel, a group of professionals will discuss current trends/issues they have encountered in the sports industry and the steps they have taken as an organization to adapt and continue rising to the top.



Stephanie Talsma - Canadian Associaction

for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical

Activity (CAAWS)

Tricia Zakaria - Physical and Health Education Canada

(PHE Canada)

Catherine Pitre - Sport Resolutions UK

Panel Two: The Advancement of Technology in Sport

Moderator: Iman Hassan

Technology is everywhere around us, and sport is no exception. Technology in sport can vary from athlete social media platforms to payment and ticketing all the way to sports analytics. This panel will touch on some of the advancement of these technology trends along with how the fast-growing pace of technology will affect the future in sport.


Dr. Ann Pegoraro - Institute of Sport Marketing


Paul Ausman - Ottawa Sport and Entertainment Group (OSEG)


Martin Richard - Canadian Paralympic Committee 

Panel Three: The Transition from Athlete to Professional

Moderator: Jonathan Lasnier

This panel will have an aim of a story-telling and experience sharing approach. The panel will feature representatives who have played professional or elite level sport and currently have a career in the sports industry. They will share their experience in this transition focusing on obstacles they have faced and how being an athlete has shaped their career pathway.

Julian de Guzman - Ottawa Fury FC

Maxime Brinck-Croteau - Ontario Fencing Association

Caroline Calvé - Excellence Sportive de l’Île de Montréal (ESIM)





These prizes will be won by lucky attendees at the end of the conference. When you register at the start of the day, you will be given a ticket. This ticket will allow you to enter the raffle for free! We also have a few games throughout the day which give you a chance to win a second ticket!




The 3rd Annual

uOttawa Sport Management Conference

   was held on:

October 12, 2018

Highlights will be coming soon! See below for details about this year's conference and past conferences!

2018 Conference Information

conference banner.jpg

The uOSBC Commitee has been organizing the third edition of the uOttawa Sport Management Conference.

It took place on Friday October, 12th, 2018 from 9-4pm.

The Venue

Desmarais Hall

Room: DMS 12102

55 Laurier Avenue East, Ottawa, ON K1N 6N5

Networking Workshop

Alison Maier

Sales Manager

Keynote Speaker

Lorraine Lafrenière

Chief Executive Officer

Panel One

Growth and Development of Sport in Canada

The sports industry is always evolving. This panel will be looking at a variety of ways that sports have and will develop and grow in the future including technological advancements. We will also try to look at new or future trends in sports and upcoming major events in Canada. We will also look to explore the idea of sport tourism. 


Élise Smith

Program Officer

David Patterson

President and Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Bennett

Director, Corporate Partnerships

Nora Sheffe


Consulting Inc.

Certified Professional Facilitator

Panel Two

Diversity in Sport

In the Athletic, Eric Duhatschek quoted Kyle Dubas saying, "Research shows, the more diverse your organization, the better your decision-making and the better your operation in general." We are going to explore inclusivity in sports, specifically the inclusion of people of colour, women, people with disabilities, and people in the LGBTQ+ community. We will also consider athletes' voices in sports. 


Greg Amiel

Ashley LaBrie

Jen Boyd

Coordinator, Community Events

Executive Director

Head Coach, uOttawa Gee-Gees Women's Rugby

Jonathan Lasnier

uOttawa PhD Student & Mental Performance Consultant

2017 Conference Information  

The uOSBC Commitee has been working hard this summer to bring to you the second edition of the uOttawa Sport Management Conference.

We are excited to announce it will take place on Friday October, 13th, 2017!

The Venue


Desmarais Hall

55 Laurier Avenue East, Ottawa, ON K1N 6N5

Panel One

Professional Sports

Professional sports have always had a big impact on the City of Ottawa. The world of professional sports gives spectators a sense of belonging, a rush of emotions, and it is a great source of entertainment.  We would like to know how our speakers got involved in professional sports in the city of Ottawa and what path they took to get to where they are today.  We would also like the speakers to discuss what they think professional sports are bringing to the city itself. Fans are a big part of any team’s success; what do fans mean and what impact do they have on an organization?

Panel Two

Women in Sport

Over the years, women have worked extremely hard to integrate themselves in the world of sport. What source of inspiration made these women decide to do so? We would like to know more about how they got involved and what the world of sport means to them. As we know, the visibility of women in sport has grown immensely over the years.  There are more equal opportunities for women in the world of sport and in Ottawa today than ever before.  We want to learn what women are doing today to transform the world of sport. What campaigning methods are being used to make sure women in sport keep impacting and staying involved (for example, partnerships and inspiring youth to continue)?

Panel Three

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit sports organizations implement national initiatives to develop and promote their sport in the city of Ottawa.  How do these organisations provide development and opportunities for coaches and athletes in their sport? For events, how are proposals and bids implemented? What can the speakers say about how the funding from Sport Canada and universities work to support their non-profit organization? What opportunities exist for young elite athletes who hope to perform at a high level in the future?

Thank You - Merci

The Inaugural Conference

The 2016 uOttawa Sports Business Club is extremely proud to announce the first ever uOttawa Sport Management Conference which is set to take place Friday, September 30th, 2016 at the Alex Trebek Alumni Hall.   


National Sport Organizations (NSOs) act as the governing bodies for their sports in Canada. These organizations serve a number of important functions, such as:


  • governing all aspects of a sport within Canada;

  • managing high performance programs;

  • selecting and managing national teams;

  • implementing national initiatives to develop and promote sport;

  • sanctioning national level competitions and tournaments;

  • providing professional development for coaches and officials in sports; and

  • proposing and supporting bids for international competitions in Canada.


More often than not, students who aim to work in the world of sports forget about the incredible opportunities that NSO’s provide as a career. That being said, the uOSBC has targeted an area of the sport business industry that students and young professionals should learn more about by highlighting what we have to offer here in Ottawa. Since we are in the Nation’s Capital, the main focus of this event will be on discovering what the world of National Sport Organizations (NSOs) and Canadian Event Rights Holders have to offer!

Our target demographic is students from the University of Ottawa, particularly graduate and undergraduate students from the Faculty of Human Kinetics (i.e. Sport Management, Sport Psychology, Coaching, Pedagogy, Physiology, Biomechanics, Motor Control and Learning). This diverse audience can all benefit from engaging and learning from Canadian NSO’s that operate within the Nation’s Capital. An invitation has also been extended to other students from the Ottawa region at the University of Ottawa, Carleton University and Algonquin College campuses. We will also cast a wider net to university students from Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.  


We are extremely excited and look forward to providing students with an engaging learning experience. We hope they will leave with a better understanding of the Canadian sport industry and happy to have been part of something that has never been done at the University of Ottawa. 

The Venue

Alex Trebek Alumni Hall

157 Séraphin-Marion Private, Ottawa, ON K1N

The focus of this panel is to discuss the role that National Sport Organizations play in preparing for podium finishes at the highest levels of competition. This session builds on recent Olympic hype by highlighting the podium success of Canadian sports in Rio. Attendees will be able to discover what types of involvements each of the panelists have had to help Canada’s athletes land podium finishes and also learn about some of the inner workings of each of their respective National Sport Organizations.

Panel One

Preparing For The Podium


Peter Montopoli

General Secretary

Jessica Scarlato

National Teams Coordinator

Penny Joyce

Chief Operating Officer

Terry Marcotte

Sports Director

These three women have turned their passion for sport as athletes into a profession! International sporting success have made them Canadian sporting icons. During the panel, they will discuss their transition from athlete to professional, their career paths, and the behind the scenes working of sport that often goes unseen. With experience in communications, journalism, policy, coaching and competition, we are sure this will be a knowledge sharing session not to be missed!

Panel Two

Beyond the Games


Sylvie Bigras

Senior Communication Specialist

Sue Scherer

Senior Program Officer

Carolyn Waldo

2x Olympic Gold Medalist &

Media & Public Relations Consultant

Special Presentations

Video Address

Sport Opportunities

The Honourable 

Carla Qualtrough



Minister of Sport &

Persons with Disabilities

Coordinator, Programming and Community Outreach

Keynote Address

Closing Address

Sue Hylland


Sport Services

Thank You - Merci

The uOttawa Sport Business Club would like to thank the following organizations for their contributions and support towards the inaugural uOttawa Sport Management Conference: 

Le uOttawa Sport Business Club tient à remercier les organizations suivantes pour leur contributions et support envers la conférence innaugural de gestion de sport à l'Université d'Ottawa:

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